Horse Riding Tours 

Tour duration: from 1 to 10  days ( 2 days in Moscowcan be included, the rest on a  horse riding tour)
Area of horse riding tours: Krasnodarsky Kray
Accommodation: hotel, guest houses, camping-site, tents.
Flight from Moscow to Krasnodar by aircraft (Moscow- Krasnodar Moscow) 2 hours
Car ride from Krasnodar to Krymsk: 2 hours
Extra expenses:
Tickets Moscow Krasnodar - Moscow - from $400;
Hotel, meals in Moscow according to your desires;

Additional services:
Escort to and from airports on arrival/departure in of Moscow and Krasnodar;
Transportation between airports, from airport to hotel and back in Moscow and Krasnodar;
Booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;
Accommodation and meals on a horse riding tour;
Horse riding classes with instructors
1 to 3 day horse riding trips.

We can also arrange for you
Your stay in Krymsk, Novorossiysk , Anapa or Gelendgik will be planned for you individually.
Lodging in an apparment, a town or country house you choose with a family or just renting an apartment or house for yourself
Lodging in a hotel
Wine tastings with the winery manager Frank Dusseigneur (Sadovy village) or .
Tours to the wineries (Sadovy village or Sauk-Dere) and tasting of wines of different age with the quality control manager Gael Brullon
Picnics by a lake.
Fishing, quail fowling.
Horse rides, tours to the horse-breeding farm.
Tennis court, classes with instructors; gym (voleyball, basketball, ping-pîng); sauna, professional massage.
Trips to Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendgik.
Trips to the Black sea shore, tours to aquapark (Gelendgik), dolphin shows (Anapa), local nature reserves.
Excursios to the Shugo volcano (Varenikovskaya village)
Trips to the Saint Hand Baths where there is a healing water brook
Trips to the local Dolmens (mystyrous area which to be said to have been burial of ancient shamans and witches)
Visit to the local ostrich farm.
1 to 8 day cycling tours.
1 to 6 day walking tours.
Excursion to the World War Two monuments


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