Fishing tour 

Tour duration : from 5 t0 10  days ( 2 days in Moscow. the rest on a  fishing camp
Area of fishing : Krasnodarsky Kray
Accomodation: hotel, guest houses, camping-site, tent or hotel.
Flight from Moscow to Krasnodar by aircraft (Moscow- Krasnodar Moscow) 2 hours
Car ride from Krasnodar to Krymsk: 2 hours to fishing  camps ( 1.5 - 2 hours ) by car.
Extra expenses:
Tickets Moscow Krasnodar - Moscow - from $400;
Hotel, meals in Moscow according to your desires;

Fishing locations:
Village Achuyevo, 500 meters to Azovsky sea, accommodation in a  local hotel. Details >>>
Private ponds in Varenikovskaya (36 km from Anapa and 34 km from Krymsk) and Plavnensky village (12 km from Krymsk)
Accommodation in fishing huts.

Additional service:
Escort to and from airports on arrival/departure in of Moscow and Krasnodar;
Transportation between airports, from airport to hotel and back in Moscow and Krasnodar;
Transportation to the camp and back;
Booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;
Jeep and horses during the fishing tour;
Guides, cook and helpers in fishing camps;
Accommodation and meals in fishing camp;
(see more about fishing in Krasnodasky Kray at Krymsk Fishing Club)

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